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Growing up, Paul’s parents instilled in him the principles of hard work and dedication and a commitment to excellence. As a child, Paul watched his father, a Filipino immigrant, overcome countless obstacles to become a successful doctor by always adhering to these values. In his life, Paul has done the same.

Paul’s hard work has led him to earn not only a Bachelor’s degree but also law and MBA degrees. A firm believer in the power of a good education, he is a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor2.0 program, and has served on the board of an early-childhood school and provided pro bono legal services for college student athletes.



As a father of two young girls, Paul knows there is nothing more important than the safety of our families. The Dallas Police have identified the area around the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road as one of 27 hotspots across our City that account for 40% of our city's crime. As our Councilmember, Paul will work to serve all of our residents through efforts to reduce crime and improve our neighborhoods.


To be a great community, we need to have great schools. All our children deserve the opportunity to receive a quality education. As our Councilmember, Paul will be an advocate for our schoolchildren by bringing together community leaders, education-minded volunteers, parents, educators and corporate citizens to create positive change for our public schools. Quality schools are also key to attracting new development and growth to our area.

Economic Growth

District 10 needs smart, sustainable economic development that will create new tax revenues for our city. It grows our tax base and is the best way to improve the quality of life for our community. Paul is committed to bring needed businesses to our community, complete existing projects and help to reduce the tax burden on our homeowners.

Smart Plan for the Future

Paul has lived in our district for eight years. He knows our community faces a difficult problem with a number of apartment complexes that have been neglected and are dilapidated. He is dedicated to improving and maintaining current infrastructure but also making room for new exciting projects. As our Councilmember, Paul will be smart and vigilant when reviewing new zoning cases that come across his desk, ensuring the projects are needed and valuable in our community. He will be an advocate for bettering our community and quality of life for the next generation.